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            Notice of the Second Interim Shareholders 'Meeting in 2019

            Read:254times      Release:2019-03-11

                    The company is scheduled to hold its second interim shareholders 'meeting in 2019 at 10:00 on March 27, 2019.

                    Issues for consideration by the Conference:

                    1. Consideration of "On modification & lt; Company Constitution & GT; The bill "

                    2. Consideration of the "Proposal on the Recognition of Existing Directors of the Company by Guangzhou Langqi, a Major Shareholder, and the Delegation of Existing Directors to the Board of Directors"

                    3. Consideration of the "Proposal on the Rental of some properties on the first floor and second floor of D2 Building, 16 Science City Research Road, as the office and research space of our Technology Center"

                    4. Consideration of the Bill on Changes to Corporate Accounting Policies

                    5. Consideration of the Bill on the Consideration of the Corporate Finance Budget for 2019

                    The company shareholders are invited to attend on time.

            G.B.F.F. Co. Ltd.     Board of directors

            11 March 2019

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