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            The technology center of Baihua Fragrant Company is the core department and enterprise body of the company's strategy and scientific and technological development, technological innovation and planning, and technology development and transformation. Responsible for advanced research and development of spices products and technologies, product upgrading, market technical services and technical information collection, production, research and research cooperation, personnel training and training and other technical support, after many years of construction and improvement. It has a comprehensive organizational structure, management system and incentive mechanism, and has strong independent innovation ability and scientific and technological strength. The Technology Center has an independent laboratory and work building with an area of 2,800 square meters. It has set up a spice research and development room, a food flavor research and development room, a daily flavor research and development room, a tobacco flavor research and development room, a food flavor application laboratory, and a daily fragrance application laboratory. Instrument analysis room. In addition, Baihua Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Baihua Co., Ltd. and Thailand, also established a research and development center in Bangkok, and regularly dispatched technicians to participate in R&D and technology management.

            The technology center has technical talents for different professional fields, especially the fragrance and spices technicians with deep professional knowledge background and rich research and development and market service experience. There is a strong internal learning atmosphere and close exchange and learning. It is conducive to the continuous optimization and development of technology.

            As a raw material for daily chemical, food, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical and other related industries, spices promote each other with related industries and promote continuous innovation in the industry. The company's technology center has been closely related to the relevant industries at home and abroad for many years, timely tracking and mastering the development of industry innovation, to provide customers with the latest and optimal products and services.

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